Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Cabinets & Millwork

February 13, 2023

Granite countertops are all natural stone. It is a very hard surface which makes it the ideal stone material for kitchen countertops. Granite are heat, scratches and stain resistant plus it requires sealing.


  1. Are typically less costly than any other surfaces
  2. Offers almost unlimited choices in colors and patters
  3. Natural Granite is also one of the hardest surfaces available so it is scratch resistant
  4. Extremely heat resistant thus, burn and scorch resistant
  5. Once sealed, granite is stain resistant


  1. Can be very expensive
  2. Needs to be sealed once every 3 years
  3. Absorbs oils and liquids
  4. It can crack easily, if not handled properly during fabrication

At ONYX Countertops, we inspect the slabs and after 100% satisfaction we recommend it to our valued customers. Our esteemed suppliers like Zenith Stones, import natural stones from various parts of the world to provide variety of natural beauty for your kitchen projects.

In combination with beautiful modern design of cabinets, the granite countertops make your kitchen a dream kitchen!

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